Our Process

An interior design firm that values relationships & enjoying the process.

1. Initiation Phase
Not all first dates need to be awkward. This is where we get to know one another and ask questions to ensure we are the right fit for one another.

Once we are all confident and comfortable we begin to clarify the scope of services and expectations. This is a new and exciting journey we are embarking on, and we are going together.
2. Predesign Phase
Also known as the discovery phase, we dive into the programming and metrics of our clients’ spatial needs.

Before any lines are drawn, we walk through the space, either in person or on plan listening to your aesthetic preferences, site constraints and overall dreams for your new haven.

We leave no stone unturned and use our findings to create a concept and creative roadmap toward a successful design.
3. Schematic Design Phase
This is where we talk less and draw more. Inspired by our discoveries we use modeling software to create a space plan and highlight key architectural elements to be developed.

Our focus is to transmute the words we've heard into a tangible, black and white plan that becomes the foundation of the project moving forward.
4. Design & Development Phase
If the schematic phase is black & white, this phase is coming up all color (and texture)!

We build further on our foundation introducing materials, interior elevations, and diving into specifications from lighting to appliances to plumbing.

Using 3D visualization, mood boards, concept renderings, and in-person showroom tours and presentations, this is when our clients start getting really excited because they can finally see it.

"Katie stayed on top of all the stages of the project, was attentive to detail and worked hard to keep everything on schedule."

- Donna & Rick H.

5. Production Phase
While our clients love us for our graphic imagery and renderings, our technical proficiency in the production phase is why our GC's love us.

With care and experience we use the color and imagery to refine, detail, draft and distribute a comprehensive drawing package with complete specifications for pricing.

This package becomes our true north for the remainder of the project.
6. Execution Phase
After the interior design drawings have been distributed is when our client’s involvement diminishes.

Whether it is permitting, bidding & negotiations, or site conditions, our team keeps our clients informed on progress and our project manager becomes your main point of contact for any questions that arise from all involved parties and professions.

Our job does not end until the final pillow has been fluffed.
Project Completion
(& Celebration)
We offer a turnkey service meaning that the final phase really is not a phase at all, it's an invitation. We invite our clients to step into their new home that only becomes complete once you have arrived.

We don't always celebrate with champagne, but we never miss an opportunity to toast our clients and what we accomplished together.